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Benefitsolver Harris Teeter is an employee benefits portal to manage the health benefit plan cost, start the enrollment here, change the existing benefit, and view the summary.

An overview of the Harris teeter employee benefits is available in the career benefits section. If any person wants to know about the competitive benefits, read below.

Out of several benefits, here are our favorite harris teeter career benefits for any employees:

  • Educational Finance Assistance
  • Educational Leave of Absence
  • Paid Vacation or Personal hours

Employees look after and take care of the customers, Company is bound to look after the employees with their benefits plan.

Harris Teeter Employee & Career Benefits

Benefitsolver - MyHTSpace - Harris Teeter Employee Benefits
Benefitsolver – MyHTSpace – Harris Teeter Employee Benefits

Welcome to your benefits site. If any Harris Teeter Associate wants to check their current benefit plans, we recommend them to visit the official benefits portal.

Myhtspace login is an entryway secured with username and password, allows to manage the benefits enrollment process, make changes to the existing benefit plans, view the summary, add new dependents, and update the profile information for the Harris Teeter employees.

Harris Teeter employs more than 33,000 associates and hires more than 2,000 people each year. Harris Teeter provides a comprehensive benefit plan for all full-time employees.

Employee benefits are an important part of the benefits plan that Harris Teeter offers to its employees. The page was designed to help Harris Teeter’s associates with their benefits enrollment and administration experience.

What is Benefitsolver?

Benefitsolver is an online portal for employees to enroll for the health benefits, change their benefits, view benefits summary, add dependents, and upload necessary documents.

Businesssolver has created a cloud-based SaaS application platform that provides a superior benefits administration and management solution for medium to large-sized companies.

Official Website

The Employees of Harris Teeter can view benefits summaries, start benefit enrollment, change the selected benefits, add their dependents, and manage their benefits enrollment through the official website ie., which will be redirected to

Major benefits of Harris Teeter Associates include are:

  • Medical assistance and benefits are applicable for full-time associates only.
  • Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Medical Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Offers 401(k) plans with matching company contributions.
  • Saving plans to save money for the employee’s future.
  • Profit-sharing (2 Times) / Year
  • Hourly associates receive paychecks every week, and Salaried employees receive paychecks every bi-weekly.
  • Educational financial assistance through Universities.
  • Partnered with Queens University & The University of Phoenix.
  • Also offering educational leave of absence for any associates who want to continue their employment with us while away at college.
  • Paid vacation days to enjoy and save money.
  • Paid personal days in case of any emergency.

How to Contact Benefitsolver Harris Teeter?

If any employees looking to get answers about general benefit questions, or any help with the benefits enrollment, we recommend the associates – get in touch with the Benefitsolver team. Dial the phone number at +1 855.327.5025.

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