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Myhtspace Portal is a Harris Teeter Employee Login site. Here are the easy simple steps to access the employee account with a username and password.

New Employees have to complete the registration process at the MyHtspace Harris Teeter online portal to create a new account with a username and password by following the steps carefully.

MyHTspace Login portal can be accessed with an employee username and password.

In the dashboard, Harris teeter employees get free services that allow them to get competitive pay, health, life, and medical coverage plan benefits, overall employee quality work-life balance, and many benefits.



Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain with headquarters in Matthews, North Carolina. The company was founded in 1936 and operates over 250 stores across seven states in the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of the country.

Harris Teeter is well known for its high-quality products, excellent customer service, and commitment to the communities in which it operates. Harris Teeter provides its customers with a superior grocery shopping experience focusing on fresh, natural, and organic foods.

Harris Teeter offers a variety of specialty departments in addition to its traditional supermarket offerings, including a pharmacy, bakery, deli, and floral section. Besides offering prepared meals and catering services, the company also offers the option of shopping for groceries online.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Harris Teeter strives to minimize its environmental impact through its operations and initiatives. In addition to charitable giving, volunteering, and supporting local organizations, the company is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen.

The Harris Teeter name is synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction in the grocery retail industry.

Harris Teeter Supermarkets operates 250+ stores across the seven Southern-Atlantic states (like North Carolina & others) and the District of Columbia. Harris Teeter Supermarket is well-known for being a neighborhood food grocery store and pharmacy store available online shopping also. In July 2013, Kroger acquired Harris Teeter.

Customers do their weekly grocery shopping in Harris Teeter Supermarket and save more money with the weekly deals at the nearest store in the United States. Fresh Grocery and food supplies, medical pharmacy drugs, and other essential items are available near you.

Harris Teeter Supermarket is founded by two people William Thomas Harris & Willis L. Teeter, who started two different companies (Harris Drugs & Teeters Food marts) in the earlier stage, and later on the company has been merged into one.

The Harris Teeter Company was acquired by Kroger Co. in 2014, one of the largest grocery retail chains in the United States. Although Harris Teeter remains a separate brand, it benefits from the resources and support of a large, established company. Harris Teeter has been able to expand its offerings and better serve its customers as a result of this association.

Additionally, Harris Teeter has been able to become more competitive in the grocery industry and offer a broader range of products and services to its customers. This is the result of the acquisition.

Harris Teeter remains committed to its roots despite the acquisition. Despite its long history of excellence and dedication, it continues to serve its customers in the same manner that has made it a beloved institution in the Southeastern United States.

All employees get equal opportunities to work in the store and are treated equally.

The work-life balance is the topmost priority of the company.

Even customers can access the Harris teeter login page with their email address and password to place an order online and complete their online shopping.

Employee Benefits

  • Competitive Pay.
  • Health, Life, Financial & Medical Benefits.
  • Quality Work-life balance.

More details about the employee benefits & other many benefits are listed.

When many employees visit the official portal, they will be automatically redirected to the online portal to the BenefitSolverView for Harris Teeter Employees Access.

The official employee login portal can be found at the address –

The official website of Harris Teeter Employee login is
The official website of Harris Teeter Employee login is

Be Cautious when accessing the online portal. Many suspicious websites look exactly similar to the Official Employee Portal. We recommend many employees verify the certificate, and website address carefully as they might be tricked easily.

Newly employed Harris teeter employees who can’t access the logging in, have to register and create their accounts (username and passcode) in the My ht space login portal.

First-time users have to complete the registration process to get their username and strong password.

How to register account in
How to register account in

Here is the step-by-step procedure to complete the registration:

  1. Enter the official portal of Harris Teeter employees at myhtspace com.
  2. Below the login form, find the “First time user?” option.
My HT Space - First Time User? Please register now
My HT Space – First Time User? Please register now.
  1. Find the “Register” button and click on it.
  2. A popup registration page will be opened.
  3. Info Tab: Employees have to verify their identity by entering the company key, SSN, and Date of birth information of the employee.
  4. Create Tab: Enter the username and passcode, additional email address, and phone number to get a notification.
  5. Confirm Tab: Confirm all the details entered are accurate and correct.
  6. Complete the registration process after a quick verification and submit the form by clicking on the Register button.

After the registration, many employees can access the Myhtspace login with the selected username and strong password. If any issues with the sign-in procedure, continue reading.

Employee Gateway to Benefitsolver lies in the harris teeter employee portal.

The only way to get access to the dashboard is through the Benefit solver online portal with a username and passcode.

Have any doubts? follow the below steps:

Wanna see how to log into the My HT Space account?

Follow the above instructions & complete the registration application.

Here is our helpful guide for myhtspace com sign-in:

Myhtspace Login
Myhtspace Login.
  • As we had discussed earlier, visit the official online portal from any of your favorite browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera, which will redirect to the new address ie.,
  • Employees will find the login form with a username and strong password.
  • Enter the username* and passcode*. (Carefully type and verify the details)
  • Click on the “Login” button to access the Dashboard.

Are you able to access the dashboard after logging in? or having any trouble? comment below:

DISCLAIMER WARNINGS: NEVER SHARE the login credentials (Username & passcode) with anyone or ONLINE.

We NEVER ASK CONFIDENTIAL DETAILS. DONT SHARE IT WITH US. * - Both the username and passwords are case-sensitive.

If any employees have any issues with sign-in procedure, the real problem lies with the wrong login credentials.

Some Common Problems are:

  • Incorrect or Misspelled Username.
  • Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Make sure the CAPS-LOCK is OFF.

So we recommend the employees, verify the username and password are entered correctly.

NOTE: Just in case, the employees had forgotten their username or strong password they have to follow the below procedure to retrieve the username or reset their password.

password reset for harris teeter employee login
Password reset for harris teeter employee login.
  • Visit the official website online portal from any recommended browser such as google chrome, firefox, opera, or internet explorer –
  • It will be automatically redirected to the login portal.
  • On the login page, at the bottom of the form:
    • You will find a “Forgot your username and password” Link.
Myhtspace forgot username or password - reset password for employees
Myhtspace forgot username or password – reset password for employees.
  • Click on the above link, to retrieve the username or reset the password again.
  • Before that, the system has to verify the user’s identification.
    • Enter the Company Key.
    • Provide the Social Security Number (Employee SSN).
    • Employee Date of Birth.
  • After the employee identity validation, now enter the new password and confirm the new password again to validate the password.
  • The username will be retrieved and sent to the employee registered email address.

NOTE: Just make sure to keep a strong password (The toughest one to crack).

Had you successfully retrieved or reset your password? Or have any issues?

Logging into the Myhtspace account with the newly set password with the username. Employees can quickly access the main dashboard of their myhtspace com account.

Feel free to contact the Harris Teeter company HR Team at +1 888-590-8859 or 704844-HR4U. ESS stands for employee self-service or employee self-sign-in to the Harris Teeter employees portal. A dedicated space for the employees of Harris teeters to view their competitive pay, health, life, and medical benefits, and quality work-life balance.

All you have to do is – follow our guide on how to access the Myhtspace ess online portal with the employee username and password. Also, we have several related articles in our blog section.

WFMR ESS is the latest updated environment to access the Myhtspace account. A simple procedure to access the harris teeter login website using the username and passcode.

Employee schedules require access to the ESS Harris teeter employee login portal using the username and password. Employee work schedules are updated bi-weekly by HR Team managers. All these services are employee self-service sites.

Employee financial benefits, Quality Work-life balance are monitored and updated through the Work Schedule application. Harris Teeter schedule login allows many employees to track their shift timings and monitor their weekly work schedules from the mobile app as well.

Many employees can easily check their weekly work schedules by following the steps carefully when accessing the Myhtspace account.

Similar to scheduled, Many employees use the WFMR ESS login portal to access the Myhtspace account using their employee username and strong password.

If anybody wishes to contact the harris teeter company, kindly follow any of the below options to get in touch with the customer care executives, HR manager, or higher representatives.

If you wish to contact by phone number, reach the Harris Teeter company Customer Care service toll-free number at 1-800-432-6111.

– Contact Page

Write to Harris Teeter Company and Send it through the mail:

Harris Teeter Inc.
Attn: Customer Relations
PO Box 10100
Matthews, NC 28106-0100

Share your feedback or shopping opinions through the contact feedback form – Fill out the Form.

– Feedback Form

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