WFMR ESS Harris Teeter Login

WFMR ESS Login: Here is our guide on how to enter the ESS Harris Teeter WFMR login. Can’t able to visit the official Harris Teeter ESS portal?

UPDATED: WFMR Harris Teeter ESS is NO LONGER available from home.

changed ever since 2020.

Employee Self sign-on application allows the employees to access their work schedules, swap shifts, manage timecards, edit time card slots, and manage the employee work timings.

HT Intranet for Harris Teeter Employees
HT Intranet for Harris Teeter Employees

Earlier, Employee Self Service can be accessed from anywhere. With the recent changes in the security and advancement of technologies.

Harris Teeter ESS restricts access outside the HT Intranet Network.

Navigation Menu includes:

  • My Inbox
  • My Timecard
  • My Schedule
  • My Time Off
  • My Availability
  • My Edited Punches
  • Swap Swifts

ESS WFMR is a simple application for hourly associates of Harris Teeter to verify their timecards, weekly work schedules, and time card edits.

WFMR-ESS allows the employees to place time off requests, change the availability, and request swaps between the employees and all from their homes.

Myhtspace ESS is an application specially designed for Harris Teeter hourly and salaried associates to view their work schedules, swap shifts, and request time off.

Employee Self-service can be accessed only on the HT Intranet ie., the work computer.

The official web address is

ESS application can’t be accessed from a home computer. Feel free to contact the store manager to get additional assistance with the accessibility issues.

Follow the below steps to access the Harris Teeter ESS Login page:

WFMR ESS Harris Teeter Login
WFMR ESS Harris Teeter Login
  • Go to the Workforce management page (click and navigate) from the HT Intranet homepage. Now click on the site manager/employee self-service link to continue.
  • Enter the user name (6-digit employee id) and password (4-digit social security number).
  • Click on the LOGIN button.

WARNING: The official website at can’t be loaded from a home computer.

Access ESS WFMR Mobile portal:

The mobile portal is a minified version that has only the essential information about the view your schedule, requesting time off, requesting availability change, and swapping a shift.

The official address is not available right now. We recommend the employees contact the HR Manager to know about the current and updated ESS portal.

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