Harris Teeter Work Schedule Hours for Employees

The Kroger Company owns Harris Teeter, which is a division of that company.

Most of its products and services are available in the United States. If you’re interested in working at one of their many locations, it would be helpful to know how their workdays are organized.

There’s a lot of information in this article on the Harris Teeter supermarket’s working schedule. You can access the Myhtspace Employee Portal at myhtspace.com.

Harris Teeter Employee Hourly Work Schedule

Harris Teeter Employee Work Schedule
Harris Teeter Employee Work Schedule

To work at one of the supermarkets listed, you’ll need to be prepared to put in a lot of effort. Shifts are set by the organization. So you have no control over when you’ll be summoned into the office.

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No two days are the same; you could be called in for a single shift or multiple shifts in a single day.

Shifts are used to separate the organization’s working hours.

  1. 6 am to 2 pm is when the first shift begins.
  2. It begins at 2 pm and ends at 10:30 pm for the second shift.
  3. The third shift begins at 10:30 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m. the following morning.

Break Time for Employees

Breaking hours at the company are excellent. For every eight-hour shift, an employee is entitled to fifteen minutes of unscheduled time off. While on vacation, you have complete freedom to do whatever you like.

Going to the gym, taking a break in the cafeteria, or even stopping by Wendy’s are all options.

Taking a break is included in your allotted vacation time.

Cashiers, on the other hand, are given a shorter lunch break.

For six hours of labor, they get only fifteen minutes of paid time off.

Cashiers who work between six and nine hours a day are entitled to fifteen and thirty minutes of break time each day.

In addition, you are given an additional lunch break. This time period is only 30 minutes long.

Reference to the ESS Harris Teeter WFMR to check the work schedules, and shift timings.

Part-time worker’s shift hours:

The company also has part-time positions available for those who want to work a few hours a week.

Between 14 and 30 hours, a day is possible.

In this section, the employee explains why they desire to work part-time and makes their case. After that, they can pick and choose the hours that work best for them.

Weekend work is an option if you’re only working part-time. This means that students can use the weekends to make up for lost study time on the weekdays if they so choose to.

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Full-time worker’s shift timings:

Here are some pointers to assist you in your search for a full-time position. A typical week for someone working full-time entails anywhere from 36 to 40 hours of work.

As a result, cashiers can work three days a week, each lasting four hours, for a total of eight hours per week.

It is possible to request night shifts because the business is operating 24 hours a day. However, if you live a long distance away or find nighttime driving difficult, you needn’t worry.

You might ask the firm to transfer your night shifts to the day if you want to work more hours during the day.

As a bonus, those who work between 35 and 40 hours a week are covered by health insurance.

Do check out the myht benefits at www.benefitsolver.com for Harris Teeter employees.

Work Hours & Shift Schedules for Other Designations:

Shift Selectors

Every day of the week, the shift selectors are frequently called upon to perform their duties.

The result is a lack of a fixed schedule.

Day-to-Day Stockers

Stockers typically work five to seven days a week. It all depends on the employees at the store.

They put in eight or 10 hours of work per shift, depending on how many employees they have available.

An accountant’s clerk

The first day of work for accounting clerks begins at 7 a.m. After that, they labor until 3 p.m., averaging 8 hours a day.

Discretionary Time

Your personal time is protected, even if the company has a tight timetable. Part-timers, on the other hand, have a lot more free time. You can request more free time from management if you feel like you’re not getting enough time off.

When it comes to working hours, the company is extremely lenient.

Employee Payroll Payments

Tuesday and Wednesday are the deadlines for making payments. When it comes to your compensation, they pay you based on the hours you’ve already worked, not the hours you’ll be working on Tuesday.

They pay you based on the number of hours you worked from Monday to Wednesday.

Military-style timekeeping is used by the company’s management.

Harris Teeter Company’s Origins

Harris Teeter is a chain supermarket with numerous locations in the United States. South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, Virginia, Florida, and Maryland are the seven states where the supermarket has 260 locations.

The Teeter Harris Teeter Incorporation was founded by William L. Teeter. Starting off in North Carolina by building up a pharmacy and a Food Mart has been a great success for him. He eventually combined his two businesses.

As a result, the business grew to become one of the most well-known American grocery chains. It is the thirty-seventh-largest supermarket in the United States, according to the latest data available.

It is my goal that this article has been useful to you in your search for employment at a Harris and Teeter supermarket. There is a detailed description of the company’s operating hours on the company’s website.

Inquiries can also be made to the management, and they’ll be pleased to answer them.

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